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Plymouth Governance

Our congregation is governed by our Church Council. It comprises two representatives from each of the nine boards at Plymouth, as well as one member from Plymouth Women, a member at large, and our Moderator and Moderator-elect, who act as the chair and chair-elect of the congregation. Ministers and other members of the program staff are non-voting members of Church Council. Each congregation in the United Church of Christ is self-governed, and we operate according to our by-laws. The work of our congregation is summarized each year in our Annual Report.

2013-2014 Plymouth Church Council

Moderator: Pam Duffy
Moderator-Elect: Dick Lozier
Secretary: Nancy Slotterback

Benevolences: Alissa McKinney, Chair; Todd Fogdall, Vice Chair
Christian Education: Denise Gerdis, Chair; Anna Osborn, Vice Chair
Christian Social Action: Allen VanderLinden, Chair; Jason Dreckman, Vice Chair
Christian Stewardship: Martha James, Chair; Gordon Cheeseman, Vice Chair
Deacons: Pam Kenyon, Sr. Deacon; Dave Everett, Jr. Deacon
Membership: David Nelson, Chair; Connie Broich, Vice Chair
Music & Fine Arts: Marsha Kummer, Chair
Spiritual Growth: Karen Jeske, Chair; Becky Simer, Vice Chair
Trustees: Dick Jones, Chair; Katherine Harrington, Vice Chair
Member-at-Large: Mary Riche
Homeless Assistance Team: Jane Hemminger
Plymouth Foundation: Mary Beth Ramsay
Willits GLBT Committee: Dan Warren
Plymouth Women: Beth Stelle Jones, President; Linda Knodle, President-Elect
Stephen Ministries: Bev Burns
Transition into Ministry Program: Kathleen Murrin

2012 - 2013 BOARD MEMBERS
5/31/13 5/31/14 5/31/15
Shawne Burke Karen Barnhizer Todd Fogdall
Robert Chambers Alissa McKinney Claire Haws
Tamara Rood Dorraine Schuling Chris Lewis
David Lynch Jay Eaton Diane Tomlinson
5/31/13 5/31/14  5/31/15
Shannon Goudelock Todd Boldt Sarah Ennis
Ted Kempf Denise Gerdis Linda Foster
Lee Knofrst Lisa Holderness-Brown Joe Ledesma
Sarah Ramsey Shawn Regenold Anna Osborn
 Kristin Sehmann  Melissa Winters Heather Stickel
5/31/13 5/31/14 5/31/15
Ben Stone Laura Crowley JoyCorning
Sona Parras Ted Knepper Jason Dreckman
Diane Krell Penny Thomsen Mary Riche
Linda Powers Keith Uhl Patrick Rynard
John McCormally Allen VanderLinden Stephen Scott
5/31/13 5/31/14 5/31/15
Dixie Hoekman Kirk Cox Gordon Cheeseman
Beth Koenig Carol Greta Lynn Heggen
Tom Schoelerman Mark Iles Dan Stoa
Tom Stanberry Martha James  Bill Wedeking
5/31/13 5/31/14 5/31/15
Sherwood Adams Bobbie Backer Jean Baker
John Childers Mike Duffus Leigh Ebbesmeyer
Doug Hansen Jane Flanagan Dave Everett
 Linda Knodle Pam Kenyon Betty Fosburgh
Rick Miller Jeff Marks David Johnson
Sara Minnis John Merkle John Reser
Carma Mitchell Ruth Townsdin Jackie Seymour
Mary Pearson Elaine Van Dyke Jack Sullivan
Jack Porter Patrick Van Nice Jared Walter
Barb Smith Bob Landess  Janie Wine
5/31/13 5/31/14 5/31/15
April Newton Wes Boldt Connie Broich
Paula Mohr Jenny Quiner Char Rembolt
Jesse VanDerPool Dave Nelson Jessica Rivera
Jim Green  Jim Sammler  Fred Roewert
5/31/13 5/31/14 5/31/15
Barb Miller Reilly Branderhorst Tilda Brown-Swanson
Avis Shuck Marsha Kummer Glen Gall
Randy Seiberling Janis Parkinson  Sarah Hughes
 Sheryl Terlouw Denine Taylor  Trish Studebaker
5/31/13 5/31/14 5/31/15
Aaron Harpold Suzan Brooks Joyce Judas
Sandi Smith Rick Kecso Kurt Lakin
 Adel Ver Steeg Marcia Lippold Becky Simer
5/31/13 5/31/14 5/31/15
Laurie Dickinson Dick Jones Mary Ann Beard
Rocky Morton Maureen Keehnle Tom Cope
Brenda Mouw Brad Nielsen Katherine Harrington
  Craig Hagkull  
  Donna Paulsen  
  Mark Schuling  
Will Hoekman  Dick Lozier Mary Beth Ramsay 
Mary Pat Gunderson Nora Everett Sally Pederson
Stacey Henderson Margaret Van Houten .Ron Klipfel
Ex Officio: Cecil Goettsch Ed Power 
  Ruth Klotz, Treas. Brad Nielsen
Moderator - Pam Duffy  
Moderator-Elect - Dick Lozier  
Member-at-Large - Mary Riche  
Church Treasurer - Ted Oberlander  
Church Clerk - Betty Fosburgh  



Thursdays, 7-8 a.m.

WISE (Women in Spiritual Exploration)
Burling Room
FMI: Chery Sypal, 277.0554 or Scarlett Lunning Huey 

Through May 10

Gallery Exhibit
Awakening a Spiritual Vision, Beth Ann Edwards

Friday, March 7 and every Friday through Lent

Weekly Prayer Vigil of Lament
Noon, Meditation Chapel
This is a half-hour prayer vigil of lament and healing for our broken world. The theologian Karl Barth urged Christians to pray with "the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other." In these weekly prayer vigils, we will seek to pray just this way - struggling with both scripture and current events, as we bring the pain of our world to God in communal prayer.

Wednesday, April 16

Holy Week Family Worship Service
6 p.m., Waveland Hall

Thursday, April 17

Maundy Thursday Dinner
6:15 p.m., Waveland Hall
RSVP at 255.3149
Service of Tenebrae and Communion
7:30 p.m., Sanctuary

Friday, April 18

Holy Week Quiet Day
9 a.m.-Noon, Burling Room
Quiet days are offered for members who would like to experience contemplative time in community. We will gather and pray together in the open and close of each quiet day. In between, participants will be free to find quiet spaces in the church to read, reflect and/or pray in silence.

Friday, April 18

Walk A Labyrinth
4-7 p.m., Waveland Hall

Friday, April 18

Good Friday Worship with Matins Choir
7:30 p.m., Sanctuary

Friday, April 18 - Sunday, April 20

Easter Prayer Vigil
8:30 p.m. Friday - 6:30 a.m. Sunday
Meditation Chapel

Saturday, April 19

Holy Week Quiet Day
9 a.m.-Noon, Burling Room

Saturday, April 19

Walk A Labyrinth
9 a.m.-2 p.m., Waveland Hall

Saturday, April 19

Holy Saturday Worship
5:30 p.m., Waveland Hall

Sunday, April 20

Easter Sunday Worship
6:30 a.m., Sunrise Service with Soul Singers, Waveland Hall
9 & 11 a.m., Traditional Easter Worship with Brass, Organ and Choirs, Sanctuary

Sunday, April 27

"The Stranger"
9 & 11 a.m., Sanctuary
A musical worship experience written by David Ruhe and performed by David Ruhe and the Soul Singers.

FMI: Click on the link or call the church office at 255.3149.

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